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Environmental consideration is a learning curve...even after all these years of practice. :I

I just asked Monkey to help me move the futon pad to the curb for bulk trash. He said why...I answered that it was ruined by the cat pee I've been unable to remove, and it needed to go to the dump because it stinks to much to keep using. What happens there, he asks...Well, in theory it should rot, but really they just bury it....uh...wait a minute, mommy needs to think.

Wonder what the stuffing is made of? Oh, look...cotton.

Well, heck. I'm slow. Let's just go empty it into the chicken pen...to...ya know...rot. ~facepalm~

Habits, they will sucker punch you.

ETA: Turns out there were two layers of foam, three of cotton stuffing, plus some cotton string. We saved the cover to wash (should work as a cover if we get another futon pad), dragged the pee pee stink foam to the curb, and threw all the cotton padding into the chicken pen. They say this is NOT good bedding thank you, where are their leaves, dammit.

But the boy child thinks the fact that the chickens will turn all of it (eventually) into garden dirt is WAY cool.
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To reduce the amount of junk mail you receive:

this link will opt you out of the sharing of your info by credit companies. It won't have an immediate effect, since they've already given the lists with your name on it to various credit card and insurance companies, but it will begin to have an effect as new lists are requested.

more later as I track them down.....


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