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In that you don't get sick days unless you happen to have a willing and available babysitter. ;)

This means that, despite feeling like cat vomit, I have still taken care of chicks and chickens and cats, checked and watered as needed the plants, mulched the okra, and am now deciding whether or not I should be getting the potato bed ready, since the seed potatoes I divided are hardening over nicely.

Probably. I probably should.

I have decided to delay harvesting the dandelions until after Monday's rains though, even if that means they will be more bitter.

I like my coffee-type drinks bitter, so that is cool.

cut for pics (one with Monkey!) )
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When your mom is a tree hugger, grocery shopping is a series of lessons that may or may not be same as those taught by other moms.

You will sometimes learn about price per unit etc...but mostly decisions are made based on packaging and origin of the food.

Mom, can we get this piece of produce?

Where is it from?

Commence a lesson on reading stickers for organic and location labels, and how organic takes secondary place to location, since you pretty well undo global benefit to organic if you ship it in from Ecuador.

Mom, can I get these pudding cups?

Does that look like the sort of packaging I'm ok with?

Commence a lesson (or review it) on the evils of plastic, the wastefulness of convenience packaging, and the fact pudding also comes in these little boxes right over here.

Which one should we get, Mama?

Help me find the ones that come in glass and we'll go from there.

Commence feeling the various containers in search of the olive oil/honey/etc options that are packaged in glass. Look inside the box of confectioners sugar to see if it is also wrapped in plastic, determine which package has the least waste etc.

The good news is that even those people who think you are a crazy hippie idiot will usually still respect the fact you are engaging with your well behaved children; resulting in smiles, patience, and free warm tortillas.

Or at least, that is how yesterday went. :)
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I've tried to teach my children environmental awareness...ya know, without being insane about it (so the other caregivers won't feel they have to ACTIVELY counteract my teachings).

This morning, at the playground, I realized that the kids can teach me too, if only by taking my teachings and feeding them back to me.

I was tired. I was sore. I'm worried because this was the second day in a row that it was cool in the morning. Winter is breathing on me and I'm distracted with panic about it.

So when Monkey noted a crumpled (large) piece of aluminum foil under his favorite piece of playground equipment  ("Mom! Someone littered! I'll get it") my answer was a tired and distracted "I don't have a bag with me, sweetie, leave it and we'll bring what we need next time to pick up some of the trash".

He smiled at me, all innocent, "but I can put it in the trash can".

The trash can. The trash can that is a good 500 feet away or so. Up the hill.

"um...ok...if you want to".

So I watch, as he picks it up, running to the trash can, stopping along the way to pick up as much plastic as his arms can carry, and delivers it the trash can.

We went back to playing. He hadn't even noticed, it's just what you do when someone litters. You pick it up, right?

Right, Mom.

Because "next time" isn't soon enough.

It's so easy to make excuses. To get worn out and figure you do so much, this one thing can wait. My four year old knows you do it now, because now is when it matters most. I saw a "project", but he saw an opportunity. I need to remember that.


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