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Name:Suburban Permaculture Project
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This journal was started at the suggestion we blog our project. In February of 2009 we had been researching and talking about it for about a year. We decided we were finally ready to begin.

What is our project? To turn this suburban home into a significantly greener one; reduce our carbon footprint, and improve the health of ourselves, our family, the neighborhood and the world through permaculture. Bwahahahaha

All on a limited budget, of course.

It sounds like a lot, but we believe every action has lasting effect. We'll start by changing our tiny corner, and who knows how far the ripples might spread.

We plan to convert this (fairly boring) lawn in a suburban neighborhood into a source of food and joy. We hope to incorporate gray-water, chickens, composting, incoming resource awareness, reduction of outgoing waste from our property, rain water harvesting, and whatever other nifty energy and planet saving ideas come our way. It won't be a fast project (we predict three to five years to see the results begin to really make a difference) but we feel it will be worthwhile.

Here, you can watch our progress, groan (or laugh) at our mishaps, cheer our successes, and (hopefully) obtain ideas you can use in your own permaculture project, be it large or small.

Come on in; share your knowledge, share your enthusiasm, share your ideas--whatever you want to share with us, even if it's just another set of eyes watching us work--you are welcome!

EDIT: Fall of 2010 and things have been slower than predicted. Life keeps throwing curve balls. Determination is still there, but incremental baby steps and occasional leaps forward seems to be the way of it. My housemate has just moved out to pursue the new focus in her life in a better venue for it, and I am re-evaluating the plans accordingly. It hasn't ended, but Reality, as it turns out, will trip you if she can.

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