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In that you don't get sick days unless you happen to have a willing and available babysitter. ;)

This means that, despite feeling like cat vomit, I have still taken care of chicks and chickens and cats, checked and watered as needed the plants, mulched the okra, and am now deciding whether or not I should be getting the potato bed ready, since the seed potatoes I divided are hardening over nicely.

Probably. I probably should.

I have decided to delay harvesting the dandelions until after Monday's rains though, even if that means they will be more bitter.

I like my coffee-type drinks bitter, so that is cool.

I have volunteers near the chicken pen that I need to identify, since they probably came from food seeds in some of their leftovers...if I can figure out what they are I can decide if it is worth moving them while they are young.

Anyone recognize this:

There are four or so of those, plus a couple that look different, but I can't get good pics of those till they get bigger.

Any guesses? Or should I just build a "volunteer bed" and move em all? :P

Also, I bought the kids new gardening gloves last week, Monkey knew just how to celebrate that: Weed!
We didn't even make it the house, he insisted on doing so as soon as we got home. :)

He filled that bucket before he declared that they worked great, thanks! :P Then his last call to me at pickup time was "Mom, take care of that bucket!"

Such a great kid. :D
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