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Not bad, really, for so early in the season. Thank heaven for poultry though. :P

Best flavor today: mint squared/sweet herb tea (it was better after steeping and cooling, I've been drinking it constantly today)

Thing most missed: cheese!!!!!
more, plus pics )

For those who would also like to eat petals, I recommend this site as a good beginning. I like their chart and reference it often. :)

Not yet 9am

Apr. 1st, 2011 09:07 am
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and I've learned several important things from this first F(e)asting day:

1) mint tea, when made with fresh peppermint and orange mint, is very strong...even when flavored with half as much sweet herb as mint.

2) one should not wander outside in one's slippers...no matter how tired and ill one is...for they shall collect many things from the ground which will not be persuaded to stay outside by any silly doormat.

3) I do like eggs with basil, but I do really prefer my eggs- no matter what herb I put in them- to have cheese. :( Must. find way. to barter for cheese.
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A friend of mine, errantember, is also a suburban permaculturist. He recently started a routine wherein on the first of each month he only eats food he has grown himself or bartered for something he has grown. It helps keep him aware, and motivated.

I have to admit, knowing you will be spending a hungry hungry day on the first if you don't attend the yard would be fabulous motivation.

I've decided to somewhat modify it for myself and start the same thing.

From now on, Fridays at my house will not feature any pre-packaged food, and the first of each month those over the age of 14 won't find food in my home that wasn't grown here or bartered for something grown here. Anyone under age 14 will be given the option to participate or not.

This Friday is the first of the month, and the first 1st after the Spring Equinox/Ostara/Holi...so that seems an appropriate day to start.



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