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Today, K came over and helped out. This, coupled with the help from Big Event and the random tree removal folks, means that despite my plummeted mood (hello, Depression, who invited you?) things are still toddling along.

K took down that gnarly messy tree-like thing in the back that kept trying to take out my cable lines, along with the rusty wire I hadn't been able to remove and some dead branches. (She enjoys using the hatchet, she channels inner Viking). Glad we got that all piled by the curb today, because the brush man came and took it all away along with the previously removed branches and tree. (And by "we", I mean "her"...I was at an appointment with my caseworker...and picking the brains of the feed store owner).

Anyway, the back yard looks FREAKIN' HUGE now. 0.0

We also go the lines put in for the beans, and I got the beans planted. (and this time, by "we" I mean "we"). I added a branch for those removed to the duck pen and now we have much happier ducks. (And by "we" I mean "me").

Other than that, not much besides me feeding critters and doing the daily weed check, and K washing dishes (bless her). I did put the cages up around the two tallest tomato plants, and ate a strawberry that was ripe. yum. The Patio and Roma tomatoes have several small green tomatoes on them, one green and one orange bell pepper are putting out pepper babies, and the rest of everything except my poppies seem healthy and happy. Potatoes slow to show though...don't think they like what I did there. ~shrug~ live and learn, the next two sets are starting to sprout, so I get another shot at this.

Yesterday, the kids painted the tree stump. I am talking with gryphynshadow about the possibility of painting a mandala on it. :P

Now: pics!

Painted stump!

The male (in the front, ready to defend his girls from this strange machine) is Sgt. Pepper...or Sarge, depending on my mood. Behind him, from left to right, are his girls: Penny, Lucy, and Rita.

Duck eggs!
Are they fertile? Who knows! If all goes well, we'll have ducklings. :P

and if all goes well here, I'll have beans growing up this twine to shade my windows this summer. Then this fall, when they are done, twine and bean vines go onto the compost to allow winter sunshine (such as there is) into the house.

Ostara 2011
Far far down the lane, you can see the Sun and Winter running ahead...much much closer, the Goddess Ostara and Rab walk hand in hand to go hunt for eggs. :)
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