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My son has some issue with the idea of eating chickens we raise (though my daughter is all "I hope one of these is a rooster so we can eat it!"). For this reason, rather than go with the original plan of ordering a straight run, keeping the girls we need to fill in the flock, and butchering the rest, I decided we would pick out chickens from the feed store to fill in the flock, raise those until they can move to the yard THEN order a straight run to be meat birds. This should help him deal with it, I hope, in that he will know when we get them which chickens are food.

So today we went to the feed store and each picked out two chicks. The kids, not surprisingly, wanted Bantams. They miss Giblet and her 'kid sized eggs'. The girl chose a striped one and a spotted one, and the boy chose a black one (the tiniest one he could find) and a yellow one. I picked out two of the assorted standard chickens: one dark red one, and one that looks like a penguin.

Since I didn't have the handy table in there I attached the light to last year, this year I found another solution.

That is a much better use for my walker. ;P Thank you, Spring, for making it unlikely that I will need it for a while. ~knocks wood~

Those are some cute babies. The small black one is quietly smart, and the stripey one is super pushy and constantly wants the big ones to snuggle it. The redhead is indecisive, and the penguin is way laid back. So far, no personality to the yellow or spotted ones that I can see.

I need all the shredded paper I can get...and today my shredder died. Thanks, Murphy. ppphhhhbbbbbttttt
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