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This week was...unfortunate, in the plastic department. Between cleaning out the fridge, a trip to McD's where I wasn't quick enough, a visitor who did the shopping (eep!), and the school rewarding with candy, it was a plastic-full week. Three pictures worth, actually. :( Not a triumph at all.

bag from noodles, bag from cereal, bag a magazine came in (so they could warn me it was my second to last one), cd shrink wrap, seal from a jar of yogurt, girl scout cookie tray, and a plastic wrap that held, get this, three peppers. (wtf?)

guest's mcd cup, produce bag other guest wrapped a single potato in, the seals from a jar of salad dressing and a bottle of wine, plus the "I think it is plastic but can't tell" cork from same, the plastic container from bacon, and a stryrofoam tray from a pair of steaks. The plastic wrapper from gouda is my fault. The plastic lid from a yogurt jar, the plastic part from medical tape, and a plastic bag from my daughter's school prize skittles. I forgot how much plastic was in "standard American" grocery shopping. 0.0

Last, the lid and straw from the above guest mcd cup, the straws from my kid's mcd drink, a straw I found in the parking lot, the lid from the chocolate milk from the same trip, the coffee lid from my drink on that mcd trip (I didn't remember to tell them no lid) and the plastic bag the toy came in, plus the plastic wrap from the guest-purchased steaks, the diaper thing from same, a plastic bag that came with some newspaper my gmother used for packing, and a plastic bag from a "please get a subscription to our newspaper" that was left on my driveway. The seal from a container of Pb&J, and the bottom of a container of dipping sauce from the above mcd trip, and the spout from rice milk (there were three others, but I finished taking apart the boxes after this pic was taken), a package of yeast (I've now found it in glass jars instead of envelopes) which is foil, but coated in plastic, and the tube of cat flea medication (there were two of these but one hid in the bottom of the basket until after I took the pic).

All in all a very bad week in the quest for no plastic. :(


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