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This cold weather is dragging me down. Between that and finances, I'm further behind than I wish to be on getting ready for spring. Thanks to the help of a recent houseguest, however, I am not as far behind as I was. :)

The pagoda has been started, but due to an unfortunately timed bout of illness is not finished. The patio is swept, however, and all the leaves stacked in the big pen. I also finished one more panel of chicken wire. The pathway is weeded, and in the process we found more path! This is one of the joys of an older home. :) It can surprise you.

The ladies are clucking along, 2-4 eggs a day, despite the weather. Possibly because I've been winter-spoiling them when it is cold. I hate the cold, so I presume they do to. I'll give the wyndottes this much, they may not like the heat, and they are annoyingly consistent flyers, but they weather winter like no ones business.

I've built a makeshift windbreak on the side of their kennel that faces in to the nest box, and have been feeding them warm rice and lightly coating their feed with drippings on the freezing days. Seems to be helping, or at least not hurting any.

I found that seed catalogs are far too tempting and lead to great indecision. Since I want to start a garden bed and fill the earth boxes this spring, I've decided to go with what providence suggests. In this case, three articles that showed up in my inbox had lists of suggested veggies. One of "Easy to grow", one of "kid friendly veggies" , and one with "top ten nutritious". So I'm gonna make a list of those, and whichever of them I can find, that is what I'll try to grow this year. Fate, fate will be blamed. bwahahaha


I may have a lead on some no-longer-fit-for-critters hay, which would be awesome, and make building the garden bed just about free.

Now if it would just warm up.... ~longing sigh~ I really hate the cold.
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Nov. 27th, 2010 09:29 am
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It got down below freezing last night. Other than adding extra bedding to the chickens nest box, and dripping the faucets, I didn't do anything to prep.

This includes turning on the heat.

Given that central heat and a/c are the biggest users of electricity/gas, ie contributors to carbon footprint, I've been trying to make it a month longer than I did last year without turning on the heat. Last year I made it to November, so this year I've been trying to make it to December.

I'm so close, just a few days to go.

Thanksgiving day the front came through, and the temp dropped like a stone in an hour. "If it gets below 60 in the house, I'll cave" I said.

Last night I didn't look at the thermostat, knowing I had a heated mattress pad, so the temp wouldn't matter until I was out of bed.

This morning it is 58 in the house. The though that went through my head when I saw that "that isn't MUCH below 60". :P Guess I'm more stubborn than I thought.

Honestly? I'm fine except for my fingers, which are COLD and achy.

Maybe I can find someone to knit me fingerless gloves so I can still type but have warmer hands...even better if they were just fingertipless. I bet I could manage for longer without heat if I had those so I could still type.

Now it's time to put on my rubber boots and check the girls to see how they made it through the night. I expect egg production will drop a bit now that we've had a real cold snap, but up until this I'm still averaging 4 eggs a day out of 6 hens...not bad, ladies! :D


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