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Woke this morning to puffy eyes and sneezing.

Thanks, trees.

Decided this was not going to change my plans to work in the yard.

So there.

Today's accomplishments:

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Let's see, this morning I went to the garden center, list and cash in hand. Shopping without my son is not as fun, but it is easier to take the time to FIND all the things on the list. :P

So now I have the rest of what I need to roof over the chicken pen (finally!) and finish chick proofing the bottom half, as well as a plunger to replace the one the gnomes ran off with.

I also got what I needed to plant blueberries. Four varieties: Alapaha, Premier, Tifblue, and Climax (hehe, climax, heh). All rabbiteyes, so they should cross-pollinate.They are now planted in 4' x 4' beds in the side yard, with plenty of organic peat mixed in to the soil. As soon as I finish testing the soaker hose there, I'll mulch over it, and take pics.

I've laid out and tested the soaker hose for one of the south side beds, but I've got it weighted down and am waiting for the sun to soften it up and unkink it before I mulch over it. Otherwise it will be like playing whack a mole.
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Ceaser, nee Cleopatra, has gone to live on 15 acres with a much bigger flock. In his place, we have a chick half his age. ;) A lovely little girl named Buffy the Grasshopper Slayer.

She is currently caged in the sunroom, pending her understanding that the dogs are no threat. She will then be allowed yard-pen privileges once her quarantine period has ended, and should be ready to move to the transition pen right about the time the Wyndotte girls are ready to be integrated. In order to make sure she isn't alone once she is further from near-constant human interaction, we will probably move Giblet in to keep her company until she can join everyone else.

She should be ready to join the rest of the flock in about a month after the other girls do, ie the beginning of September.

And now I'm headed out to pull the feed from the rain barrels, because with Hurricane Alex coming through, I don't feel like having all that spray up in my eaves.


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