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No losses last night.

This may be because I locked the dog into the chicken yard and then just ignored any barking at all and figured my neighbors could suck it. (Like all the neighbors with all-night-barking-dogs already do).

This, of course, is not a long term solution. Fortunately the foster kittens get fixed on Wednesday, and get their shots, and after that I can open the pet door again to give the dog access, at least during the week when she is here, and hope she pays enough attention to deal with 'coons.

(It has been established, through pattern and footprint, that we are dealing with one or more raccoons).

I should set up an outside warm kennel, because from now on when the dog won't stop barking in the house I'm not locking her up *inside*....

Looks like I'll be getting a trap to set on the weekends....and I'm going to look into whether geese are allowed in city...and altering the pen to help further prevent against predator entry...keeping tiny thumbs in mind.

Any other ideas?
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We had an unexpected visitor last night.

Along about 4am the dogs started barking. Fortunately for the state of our home, Gryphynshadow doesn't sleep as deeply as I do. I remember vaguely hearing what may have been a bark. She actually got up to check.

Darting out the door upon her arrival was something big. It took her brain a minute.

"Hey! That was bigger than our biggest cat! What the h.....?"

She let the dogs out into the yard, and they proceeding to growl and bark and pee all around the patio and yard.

Seems this years crop of raccoons is ready to explore. This one came into the house for the dog food.

This would be the down side of having a cat door.

I was afraid for my chicks, but the 'coon seems to have passed them by. This is a relief...I've seen what is left of a chicken after a coon pulls it through the bars of a fence or cage, and I don't want to have to clean that up, thank you very much.

So it seems it is once more time to be VERY good about making sure we lock up all the food until this year's crop of raccoon youth figure out our house isn't worth it.

The dogs will be thrilled...since this means they get to stay out of their crate at night.

I'd rather clean up the results of dog mischief than the results of 'coon mischief.


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