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Not bad, really, for so early in the season. Thank heaven for poultry though. :P

Best flavor today: mint squared/sweet herb tea (it was better after steeping and cooling, I've been drinking it constantly today)

Thing most missed: cheese!!!!!
more, plus pics )

For those who would also like to eat petals, I recommend this site as a good beginning. I like their chart and reference it often. :)

Not yet 9am

Apr. 1st, 2011 09:07 am
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and I've learned several important things from this first F(e)asting day:

1) mint tea, when made with fresh peppermint and orange mint, is very strong...even when flavored with half as much sweet herb as mint.

2) one should not wander outside in one's slippers...no matter how tired and ill one is...for they shall collect many things from the ground which will not be persuaded to stay outside by any silly doormat.

3) I do like eggs with basil, but I do really prefer my eggs- no matter what herb I put in them- to have cheese. :( Must. find way. to barter for cheese.
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Brief update, just to prove the blog isn't dead. :)

The chickens are now used to regularly going out into the compost yard for several hours during the day, then returning to the covered coop area at night. They love it, and I had no idea compost could be so darn fluffy.

With the last warm blush of pre-spring weather, the girls were up to 3-4 eggs a day, but now that it is cold and rainy again, they are once more down to 0-2 eggs a day. not that I blame them. Cold and drizzly wouldn't inspire me either...Or, as [livejournal.com profile] gryphynshadow  put it: "today is not a good day to bring babies into the world". :)

The children recently harvested a huge portion of tiny baby carrots from the yard, along with the vastly overgrown radishes. The shapes radishes end up in when too much moisture causes them to split are, quite frankly, incredibly lewd.

pics later when I upload them from the camera. ~grin~

The broccoli has continued to slowly produce a bit here, a bit there. In fact, we recently harvested a bunch that had flowered, and yet was still incredibly sweet. I don't understand it, but I did enjoy it. nom nom.

That's about it here...stay warm, ya'll!


Nov. 9th, 2009 03:03 pm
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Steadily getting about three eggs a day for the last week or so. Two from some of the big girls, and one from the Bantam. Go, chickens!!

I'm also pleased to report that when I visit friends in Austin (and sometimes when I visit friends in town) they want to know if I've brought the chicken food bucket. woot! That makes me so happy I want to bounce.

A few of the tomatoes ripened. Our dinner last night was yard egg omelets with home grown tomatoes on the side. Someday we'll have a whole meal from our yard. I'll post pics. :P

Hope everyone had a happy Samhain/Halloween and has plans to spend time with family for the Harvest festival. If you don't have anywhere to be Thanksgiving weekend and you can arrange to be here: speak up in the comments and we'll throw together a gathering! (Notice me putting that out there without consulting the cook: no worries though, it will be fine as long as it's potluck.)
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We have lots of green tomatoes refusing to ripen on the vine, might be time to pull out the frying pan.

Our chickens, after the recent loss of one, seem to have settled in and are recovering from the overcrowding at the other place, so that now we are getting an egg every couple of days. Not bad for a relatively cold time of year. We even had an egg two mornings in a row recently. This makes me happy.

At this rate, if you calculate the cost of layer feed to the number of eggs we are getting, we are paying about 40 cents per egg...but since we are also getting "happy", and scrap management out of them, I really don't care a whole lot about that. I want to expand their space and then get some more ladies next year, bringing our flock up to the 10 hens we are allowed, but for now: happy happy to watch my ladies clucking and scratching about. Eggs are just a bonus. Eventually we'll need to get more eggs out of the girls to support their upkeep, but for now....


I'm in love. :P

This is the lady who meets me at the gate each day, "Top chicken". She was a little unsure about this flashy thing I had brought with me, and was letting me know that even as I snapped the picture.

The other girls decided that if Top Chicken was nervous, they were going to the other part of the pen, thank you much....little did they know that I have a sport option,and running from my camera will not keep it from capturing their souls.

And on a "greener living" note: we haven't turned on the a/c or the heat for a month, with the minor exception of a few hours during a recent party. The house could still use some insulation, but I have to say, starting with brick is a lovely thing. Our neighbors down a few blocks got solar panels for their house, which has me completely envious, and we recently attended Go Green First Friday in Downtown. It is so lovely to see all the little corners of environmental consciousness poking up about town. :)


Oct. 9th, 2009 11:13 am
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We have our yard chickens. Actually, we've had them for a little over a week now, but I'm a lazy updater.

We spent a couple of days getting chewed on by mosquitos for several hours at a time so that we could finish it "enough" to get our girls. Put a dog house in the pen up on some cinder blocks (until we can build a coop), and filled it with shredded paper. Purchased a waterer from our local feed store (I know, we could have built one, we decided to face the fact we don't get to these projects quickly and just spend the money), picked up layer feed and grit while we were there...and then drove over to pick up our ladies from the ever patient laughingturtle.

They spent about a week just eating and scratching about, starting to grow back feathers and settle in after being so overcrowded (we never though they would be with LT this long....totally our fault too.)

People kept asking me if they gave us eggs, and I kept answering "not yet, but I don't care". I really didn't either. I am in love with the noises they make, and the sight of them laying on their side or cleaning themselves. I adore it when they fight over their favorite scraps, darting in to steal from the higher ranked chicken while she isn't looking. Or cluck and dart about to see if each handful of layer feed I toss might, just maybe, have been something more wonderful than the last handful I threw 2 seconds ago. Watching them scratch about in the dirt, bright little eyes alert for any possible tidbit, is endlessly fascinating to me. And I laugh out loud when they taste something messy and wipe their beaks clean in the pine needles that the tree has dropped all over their pen.

Today, however, we collected our very first yard egg!

I'm so very proud, you would think *I* had laid it.

It's a small one, so I'm guessing one of the little girls (known in my head as "mini-hens"), but either way, I'm one proud chicken mama right now.

When it stops raining, I'll get you a pic of the girls (there are 3 red hens named Nugget, 2 Bantams named Giblet, and one speckled lady named Spot....yes, we *are* smarty-pants).

It only took them 24 hours to establish a pecking order, and now Top Chicken meets me at the gate each day, ready to see what table scraps I am bringing out. Second Chicken is never far behind.

I'm in love with my girls. I could sit out there for hours with them, if only I had a stool to sit on (still working on that). I think they lay calm as well as eggs.

Speaking of: take a look!

Oh, and that's paint on my workin' shirt, not poo. (though chicken poo is definitely part of my world now) ;)


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