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Quick update, then I'm back out into the yard. :)

Yesterday was Big Event. For those not in Aggieland, Big Event happens every March, and those of us who sign up get four hours (ish) of help from a group of volunteer Aggies. I've participated a half a dozen years now, twice as a student, four times as a member of the community, and it has always been a good experience.

This year, I got 8 girls from a Christian Sorority, all of whom were enchanted by my poultry and impressed with our efforts to grow produce. They swept off the gutters, helped me gather about a tree's worth of branches and sticks from around the yard, and took all the wire down from the old chicken pen, salvaging what they could. They also raked up leaves and placed them near the current pen for me, and organized as many bricks etc as they could find so that they are easy for me to re-use. :) I let them go early cuz they had worked so hard I ran out of things to do that weren't obviously adding on things to my job order (which is a no-no).

Later in the afternoon, the rental neighbors had someone over finally taking the big limb off the tree (it cracked during the ice storm and has been laying on their roof since). I went over as they were finishing up and asked if anyone needed cold drinks...fetched water, and as I handed the last one to the one who seemed in charge (he got to drive the heavy equipment) admitted I had an ulterior motive...what would he charge to take this small ugly tree down in my front yard?

He did it for free! :)


Between that, and finding a pile of old fence boards on the side of the road, I feel pretty darn happy. Karma even gave me a chance to give back when two teens fundraising for a trip to DC came by that evening...I gave them my tip money.

Happy day.

Date: 2011-03-28 04:15 pm (UTC)
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Other than actually having more food to eat ready by the first, I'm kind of stalled on my garden projects. I've put everything into the ground that I intended at the moment, but very little of it will be ready by the first. Next month I should be in pretty good shape, assuming not too many of the seeds I scattered got eaten by things. I didn't make any effort to cover them up.

I have several small tomato plants that I put into largish pots. I want them to be mobile so I can bring them inside when it gets hot. I started out in such pots last year, but the plants grew through the bottom of the pots and anchored themselves to the ground. What I really want is something like the bottom of a very large garbage cart, that holds 10-20 gallons of soil, but is still fairly easy to move. I might start looking for garbage cans with broken tops. I might also try to design such a container myself, maybe built out of palettes or something.


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