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Mostly because: omg we need rain and the trees need to stop mating so enthusiastically.

I just want to be able to breathe and open my eyes all the way. Also, constant-multiple-day-long headache is uck.

So I'm still making progress but much much more slowly. ~sneeze~

I did start building the potato bed today, having given up on getting the tires from the old lot anytime soon. I changed my mind about where to put it though, which slowed me down. At least I figured that out BEFORE I filled it with dirt. :P

The morning glory and moonflower seeds have sprouted, and the bean and sunflower sprouts are going crazy. Yay! I never did manage to grow seeds before, but now I've managed three different ways! This gives me a lot more confidence that some day I can stop buying my plants as plants, and buy seeds instead. (Much, much more economical).

The patio tomato has four little tomatoes started on it, and there are more bitty peppers beginning, as well as multiple strawberries and lots and lots of blooms on the various other tomatoes. The transplanted volunteers are mostly doing well, though we lost at least one in the process. It was the one from inside the ant bed though so....

I continue to pull blooms off the blueberry plants, except now I feel better about it, because were I removed blossoms, it is now growing leaves. Proof that this activity encourages growth. That makes it easier.

All those new leaves? Every one of them started where I pulled off a set of blossoms. I think that's cool.

The chicks are feathering out. The striped one is developing spots, and spotted one is getting stripes; something the kids find hysterically funny. The penguin colored one is HUGE (maybe a rooster?) and the little yellow one has feathered feet. :)

The kids helped me build a little patio thing in the south yard, so we could move the bench there. Now we have a place to sit and watch poultry...and I've caught Monkey out there just sitting already. Of course, he has caught me meditatively
staring into space on it too. ;)

Meanwhile, we now have ducks! Three females and a male, all chocolate Muscovies. Sgt. Pepper is the drake, Lucy has the white head, Rita has a white chest, and the third girl is Penny. Rita shakes her tail when you say her name. :D They are not too sure about this change in their life, but I think once they have had a few weeks to learn I mean food and this is home (and I trim their flight feathers) they will be happier: since then they get to live in the backyard instead of the pullet pen.

The chickens are sure this new set of ugly-chicken neighbors is a sign of...something...awful. Being birds of very little brain, I expect they will forget about the whole thing in a few days. I made them forgive me for my part in it today by feeding them cutworms dug out of the lawn. They love those. So much so, that when I dig in dirt, they cluster on the side of the pen nearest me...waiting to see if manna will be forthcoming.

Peaches has harvested the first strawberry of the season on Sunday: the second should be ready in a day or so (Monkey gets that one).

Happy Ostara/Holi/equinox! :D
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